Friday, October 22, 2010

My First Blog Award!!!

Hi Everyone!!! So I am very excited and flattered to have received the "Sweet Blogger" award. This is actually my very first blog award and was awarded to me by the very talented Blanca over at Her projects are very creative and adorable so make sure to check her blog out!!! Thanks Blanca!!!
                                                                 Here is my award!!!!

 Now my mission is to find 5 blog friends to give this award to. This is going to be a challenge since everyone is so creatively talented but be on the look out for this. 

Until Next time,


  1. Hey Kara :) Congrats on getting this award. You definitely deserve it! And I would love to accept it from you! Just let me know all I have to do. I've never gotten one before so thank you so much! I appreciate it!